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MS ISM – Master of Information Science Management

MS ISM – Master of Information Science Management


Total Cost: For graduation completion – $11200

The Master of Science in Information Systems (MSISM) is an application of information systems organizational environment and it is a 36 credit units course of study exploring the nature. Students can gain knowledge and practical skills to be a leader in the information systems field.


It is an interdisciplinary program of study inspecting and reviewing the technology, business-management practices, organizational conduct doctrines, and human dynamics that are essential to operational design and distribution of information systems.


MS ISM program is provided in an online environment in 12 week online semester program with approximately a 10 day break between semesters. HIU USA students enrolling in the MS ISM program are required to take a one-hour no credit course in how to work and study online if they choose to take one course or all courses in the program online. The purpose is that the students guarantee that they understand the online learning process and that HIU USA learners are prepared for the online education.


Maximum of three (3) course per trimester in the online program to take for full time students.

All HIU USA graduate students may request the school to exceed the maximum by showing a high degree of academic performance in past graduate study either in a traditional or online graduate program. It will take a about over a year to complete the MS ISM program for full time student load of two courses per semester successfully completed. It will take approximately 3 years to complete the program for part time students taking one course per semester. The course degree requirements can be completed up to five (5) years for all Masters graduate students.


This course degree develops graduate students understanding of:

  • Knowledge on management policies, guidelines and practices
  • Human-centric information systems design
  • Technological issues relevant to business intelligence, management, decision-making procedures, organizational communication, team collaboration, and marketing
  • The design principles for an organization’s information systems’ infrastructure, including the needed hardware, software, security measures, and human resources
  • Advanced management of information systems, organizational communication and systems analysis concepts
  • Business-management principles
  • Database design and application
  • Ethical implications of business technology and information systems professionals’ code of ethics

HIU USA MS ISM program develops present and future ISM professionals in the fundamental skills to efficiently design, achieve, preserve and evaluate information systems.

  • Effective administration and supervision and work team skills
  • Complete technical skills
  • Social and communication skills
  • Program management strategies and skills
  • Enable information systems leaders to develop
  • A personal vision of management of information systems
  • A philosophy of knowledge management and organizational dynamics
  • A professional code of ethics
  • Critical decision making skills
  • Capability to create a vigorous work environment for themselves and co-workers
  • Promotes the progress of society by teaching professionals to discover the far reaches of human-centric technology

Program Format

MS ISM program is 36 credit units. It consists of 9 core courses plus 3 electives with an option to take an additional 9 units to create a career emphasis. Each course is 10 weeks in duration.  Two courses, usually technical and management courses are taken simultaneously. The career highlighting track is taken while finishing the capstone courses.

MS ISM Program Develop Skills in:

  • Program management and administration
  • Group dynamics and conflict resolution
  • Information systems design, application and assessment
  • Strategic management and planning
  • Basic budgeting and accounting
  • Organizational information flow analysis
  • Identifying and resolving information systems problems in an organizational setting
  • Working efficiently with non-technical personnel and work teams
  • Problem-solving, leadership, social communication and teamwork

Instructional Procedure

Instructions are taught online through HIU USA’s Learner Management System by means of up to date information management and online principles. MS ISM program has vigorous and interactive instructional design.

Some of the courses concentration on information technology policies and applications may comprise sequenced presentation of ideas although basic design is similar to a graduate seminar approach. It can be focused in a number of areas such as business, government, health areas if the students choose to take a career track emphasis.

Fundamental MS ISM Programmatic Subjects

  • Organizations Thinking
  • Sociotechnical Structures
  • Administration Information Systems and Decision-making
  • Leading a Dispersed Diverse Workers
  • Organizational Communication and Workplace Networking
  • Information Management and Organizational Education
  • Moral Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility

Profession Track Highlight

Learners have an opportunity to adapt the degree to their specific professional welfare while majoring in information systems management. Students can choose 3 elective courses to complete a minor or emphasis in one of five areas of specialization.

S.No.   Courses Credit Units

Capstone: Leadership, Strategy and Ethics Courses
01   Philosophy of Information Systems & the Sociology of Networks
02   ICT Policy and Strategy
Technical Courses  
03   Systems Analysis, Modeling & Design
04   Database Design & Application
05   Telecommunications & Networking
06   Networks & IT Security
Business Management Courses  
07*   Organizational and Communication Theory
08*   Managing Knowledge, Leaning and Innovation
09   Managing & Leading Organizational Change
10   Budgeting and Finances Principles
11   The Business Environment: Economics and Marketing
12   Program Management and Dispersed Team Dynamic.
13   Information Technology, Ethics and Social Responsibility

For Degree Program completion, 10 of the TOP UP courses with an asterisk are compulsory to be enrolled at HIU USA (All courses with an asterisk under TOP UP are transferrable to HIU USA).

Note: Download Course Catalog for complete details. Download Here

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