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Master in Virtual Reality (MS VR)

Master in Virtual Reality (MS VR)


Total Cost: For graduation completion – $11200

Hollywood International University USA offers one of limited e-learning Master’s degree courses globally in the area of Virtual Reality. The entire course is taught solely online. Virtual Reality is an advance technology development. MS VR is an advance program and highly modern field which is growing rapidly.

Enrollment: Open monthly for new classes for upcoming Semesters

Required Credits Units: 36 Credit Units


Duration of Program 

Graduate Program minimum duration – 12 Months 

Duration of Each Bi-mester: 8 weeks.

Grade Reports: 

Papers, lessons, quiz, and test results, leading up to mid-term and final are returned within seven days of submission by course professors. Within one week of finals term grades are due from faculty and available to students in good standing. Papers, lessons, quiz, and test results, leading up to mid-term and final are returned within seven days of submission by course instructors. Student’s school obligations must be settled.

Program Restrictions:

It is a non-regular program intended solely for the adult students. Applicants under 25 will not be admitted to the program; no exemptions. To be qualified for admission to the program, students whose native language is not English must show at least a minimum TOEFL 6 proficiency in the English Language.

S.No Course Evaluations Percentage of Total Grade
01 Mid-Term Exam grade 20%
02 Assignments, papers, participation 20%
03 Second Term Exam grade (FINAL) 40%
04 Final Project Demonstrating Excellence or Thesis 20%

+ Mid-term exam will conduct at mid-point of each semester
+ Final exams will be administered at end of each semester.
+ Faculty is final authority on all due dates and assignment of projects to individual student.
+ Students must maintain a B Average (3 pint average on a 4 point scale to graduate.

S.No. Courses Credit Units
01 SR101: Virtual Reality Foundation 03
02 SR201: Modeling for Simulation 03
03 SR301: Virtual Reality Programming 03
04 SR401: Rigging and Animation 03
05 SR501: Crowd Simulation & Rendering 03
06 SR601: Real-Time Gaming 03
07 SR701: VR Training Simulation Design 03
08 SR801: Virtual Reality Artificial Life 03
09 SR901: VR Parametric Aircraft Design 01
10 SR1001: Motion Synthesis 03
11 SR1003: Virtual World Design Foundation 03
12 Information Technology, Ethics and Social Responsibility 03
13 Project 06
Note: Download Course Brochure for complete details. Download Here

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